Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks

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Often, We all have a craving for chewy, melty, sour, yummy soft things. Fried Mozzarella sticks are one among those food items that are chewy and mouth-melting that sticks to the whole

mouth and never allows it to open.

Mozzarella sticks are taken out from a solid block of mozzarella cheese then cut in stick shape. Take a coat of beaten egg then cover it with crumbs. Now let them fry either deep oil or air frying.

But wait for a second! Are you thinking about fried mozzarella, a whole unhygienic fat? That must be very dangerous for your health.

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air fryer mozzarella sticks

1. What do you mean by Air fry:

Here I have a solution to your problem, you can enjoy the delicious, chewy, mouth-melting mozzarella sticks but air-fried.

That’s cool? Yeah, now we have a trend of air frying instead of deep oil frying. Which is also healthy and delicious.

Now people are very conscious of their weight so manufacturers found a solution to their weight balancing formula in the form of an air fryer machine. You can see the air fryer

almost in every next house. It is good that people are taking care of their hygiene health including children and adults also. How many other questions come to your mind? Let’s find out their answer.

A. How do you air fry mozzarella sticks?

For air frying purposes, the most important thing is the air fryer. The air fryer machine is available in markets of famous electronic brands at a reasonable price. You can purchase it also from online stores like Amazon, Alibaba, etc. First of all your mozzarella sticks should be coated with beaten egg and crumbs. Set up the air fryer to 390F, spray with oil the basket of the machine. Place mozzarella sticks next to each set on a timer of 6-8 minutes then start the fryer and let it fry until the crumbs get a golden color.

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B. How long do you air fry mozzarella sticks?

Frozen mozzarella sticks take 5-7 minutes to air fry in the machine. Just as above, spray the basket and place sticks on them to let them fry until golden color appears.

C. How do you keep mozzarella sticks from exploding in the air fryer?

Ahh yes, if you air fry the cheese sticks it might be a risk that makes the sticks burst open and you miss the taste of chewy melting cheese. It is safe to coat them with crumbs.

D. What can I do with leftover mozzarella sticks?

No need to waste those melting-mouth cheese sticks. You can use them with other recipes too.

We have prepared a list for you which can help you learn how to use these leftover sticks in a new recipe. Let’s read:


  1. Bacon-Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks. …
  2. Buffalo Chicken Salad Sliders. …
  3. Mushroom And Tomato Mini Pizzas. …
  4. Creamy Garlic Mac And Cheese. …
  5. Chicken Pesto And Mozzarella Panini. …
  6. Grilled Eggplant Mozzarella Stacks With Pesto And Tomatoes. …
  7. Easy Chicken Parmesan.

E. What pairs well with cheese sticks?

Surely you are also thinking about any pair with these yummy sticks. Here we have a list of pairs, that pairs well with sticks: Chicken wings, nachos, chips with dip (spinach artichoke, salsa, queso…), burgers, chicken nuggets, tacos, loaded fries, potato skins, tater tots, quesadillas, onion rings, fried mac and cheese bites, etc. These are the pairs that go well with cheese sticks and make your meal the fullest.

F. Can you fry cheese without breading?

Yeah, you can fry but be careful, you should have a low heat of the basket and cover the lid just for a few minutes. Under the slow heat, sticks will only melt a few but not whole.

2. What are the disadvantages of an air fryer?

As the air frying machine is quick and easy. But along with its benefits, we also have some disadvantages. We must be acknowledged because it is a matter of food and health.

Let’s see the disadvantages:

  • Air fryers are difficult to clean. …
  • Air fryers are more expensive than deep fryers. …
  • Air fryers have longer cooking times compared to the conventional deep fryer. …
  • Air fryers are too small for larger families. …
  • Burnt, dried, and failed air fryer dishes. …
  • Air fryers can be loud and noisy. …
  • Air fryers require space and are bulky.


This post is a problem solver for all the consumers of cheese who are on diet and want to enjoy cheese. Air frying has been now an all-time need for healthy nutrition. The cooking time of

Mozzarella air fryer sticks are 6-8 minutes with a preheated basket of 390F. Spray oil, place sticks, and let them air fry until they get golden color. You can serve these sticks with various sauces and appetizers. This recipe is best for breakfast and lunch for all ages.

I hope my research and pieces of advice will solve all your problems and you will be

willing to read more from me.



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