Benefits of coconut milk for skin: the secret of Thai women

Benefits of coconut milk for skin: the secret of Thai women

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Thailand is the land of kindness or the land of smiles. Thanks to Thai women, whose phenotype is admitted among the most beautiful and fascinating in the world. Their beauty secret lies in the type of natural ingredients, endemic to Thailand, traditionally used for both cosmetic and food use. Among the main Thai natural remedies, coconut milk stands out, a slightly thick liquid obtained by squeezing the pulp of Cocos Nucifera, the scientific name for coconut. It differs from coconut water which is instead the semi-transparent liquid present in the walnut. It is also rich in antioxidants, moisturizing, soothing and tonic zing substances. Coconut milk for skin is too important, use this oil to maintain your skill.

For Thai women, coconut is a real beauty ingredient. That can be used for the creation of treatments that are ideal for moisturizing the skin, but also for polishing nails and fighting stretch marks. The beneficial properties of coconut milk are also useful for reviving the shine of the hair and making it healthier and stronger.

benefits of coconut milk for skin

The famous Thai massages, which enjoy a long and ancient tradition, can be practiced with coconut milk by combining the energizing and anti-stress action of manipulations with the soothing and moisturizing properties of the milk of this particular exotic fruit. Its consistency is ideal for assembling delicate and regenerating scrubs. Also ideal for the preparation of illuminating face masks enriched with spices such as saffron which, together with coconut milk. Cooperate to gently exfoliate and at the same time improve the complexion of the skin. In fact, as tradition dictates, Thai women aim to obtain a clear and luminous skin, which led them to optimize the techniques to whiten the undertone of the facial skin with natural remedies.

In modern cosmetics, coconut milk is used for the formulation of moisturizing and emollient creams designed to counteract skin dryness. It is also important for the composition of make-up removers with the addition of vegetable oils. Needless to say, thanks to its nutrients, coconut milk hair masks are of great help in strengthening hair by deeply moisturizing it and making it softer and silkier. Finally, thanks to its emollient and calming properties, coconut milk is also considered a natural remedy useful against sunburn, capable of reducing the sensation of burning and tingling.

This prodigious beauty remedy is ideal for those with dry and slightly dull facial skin, especially during this time of the year, and in general, for those who want radiant and healthy-looking skin like that of Thai women.

Nutritional properties of coconut milk for skin and health treatment

Coconut milk for the skin is good! In fact, despite being a particularly caloric food, it is made up of saturated fatty acids and lauric acid which raise the levels of good cholesterol. It also counteracts the onset of cardiovascular diseases affecting the heart and blood vessels. Coconut milk is also rich in fiber, useful for the well-being of the intestine and for increasing the perception of satiety by appeasing the appetite, so much so that by many experts it is considered a food regulator of hunger.

The lauric acid present in coconut milk also makes it a natural antiseptic by exerting an antibacterial and antiviral action of great help for the well-being of the whole organism. It is good to remember, however, that it is still a very caloric food – it brings about 197 Kcal per 100 ml of milk – and therefore it cannot be consumed unregulated, but sparingly.

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Benefits of coconut milk for skin & health

It is rich in vitamins and Minerals

Common vitamins found in coconut milk are vitamin C, E and various B vitamins. Vitamin C and E improve the immune system, while thanks to the presence of B vitamins there will be an increase in cellular energy. In addition to these vitamins, it also provides your diet with other essential nutrients such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Iron is critical in the production of erythrocytes or red blood cells, which carry oxygen for distribution. Magnesium is attached to various biochemical processes such as nerve cell functions and heart rhythm regulation. Bones and teeth benefit from a good amount of phosphorus. Finally, potassium is an essential nutrient for supporting tissues on major organs in the body such as the brain, kidney and heart.

It is a powerful antioxidant

Several medical journals, including the Ceylon Medical Journal, have pointed out the high amounts of antioxidants in coconut milk. Antioxidants are vital in the body in preventing potential health problems. So ailments and diseases such as senile dementias caused by aging benefit from coconut milk’s ability to slow down the aging process.

Contains lauric acid

Lauric acid is often present in breast milk, but studies show the presence of this fatty acid in coconuts. The National Center for Biotechnology Information supports the ability of lauric acid to fight germs and viruses. Destroying these harmful microorganisms ensures protection from various diseases. In addition, lauric acid also contributes to reducing the risk of heart disease by reducing and stabilizing triglycerides and cholesterol. So, don’t you think coconut milk is good for your skin?  Coconut milk for skin is not only good but also maintains your skin and health for a long time. If your health is good automatically your skin will glow.