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Reproducing cosmetics looks is probably the most ideal approach to slaughter weariness since large numbers of us are needed to remain at home. Presently, wouldn’t it be ideal to alter your cosmetics in one attractive range for simple access as opposed to putting them hard and fast without fail?


I need to disclose to you how energized I am about this DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette simply because it is something that I frantically required. I’m glad to the point that I can make an interminable stockpile of them! I purchase a ton of ranges, however it generally winds up that I like a few tones better compared to others which are fine, aside from when I travel, I need to take the whole range with me to make sure I can utilize those 2-3 tones. My cosmetics sack winds up protruding with 3-4 distinct ranges and I realize that I don’t have to bring every one of them however I truly like those particular tones. 

Do you need to understand what my mysterious fixing is? Attractive Paint! I didn’t realize they made something like this I just googled it, trusting something to that effect existed and to be sure there was! 

Even though I didn’t know it was planned to work, I reported the cycle. So thank heavens it tackled the job!

First your instruments:

  • Cosmetics Palette to use as the holder 
  • Your eyeshadows, become flushed, and so on… 
  • magnet sheet with glue backing 
  • Attractive Paint 
  • Froth Brush 
  • Mod Podge/Glitter blend (discretionary)


With your ranges, take out the whole part that is holding the current skillet. In the vast majority of the ranges, you can generally discover where it’s stuck together and with a little strength, it’s not difficult to pull off or utilize an instrument to get it under and pop it off. 

Clear the paste buildup off within the lower part of the range.


Paint within with the attractive paint (it took me around 4-5 coats before I was content with the attractiveness. I tried my magnets to ensure they stuck. You can paint covers each 2-3 hours yet whenever it’s done, let the paint dry for the time being. 

Take your range and warehouse the dish. This range was simple as it popped directly off. It was only a tad of paste on cardboard yet some are harder to the warehouse. (I’m not going to get into deporting as that it’s own creature yet google “terminal eyeshadow” and you’ll discover huge loads of instructional exercises) 

Slice the magnet sheet to the size on a case-by-case basis. Stick the cement side to the lower part of the skillet.


Fill your dish to perceive what it looks like/fits and if the magnets are staying great. You could stop here on the off chance that you didn’t mind what the outside of your range resembles. 

I have such a lot of sparkle leftover from my past sparkle projects (here and here) so I needed to utilize it and make my ranges considerably prettier. (ha! I simply love any pardon to sparkle!) 

I’ve gotten a ton of inquiries concerning the blend of sparkle to mod podge. You need to ensure that every one of your spots of sparkle is canvassed in mod podge. This is the way you guarantee the insignificant dropout. 1 section paste to 2 sections sparkle is the thing that I focus on. 

If you have your dish still in the range, take them out before doing any artistic creation. Coat in sparkle and let dry between coats. Paint until every region is shrouded in sparkle! Rather than sparkling it, you could likewise paint the case and it would look similarly as charming. What’s more, there you go! A glittery, attractive case that you can change out the dish to suit your various looks! Furthermore, there you go! A glittery, attractive case that you can change out the skillet to suit your various looks! 

If you are pondering about the cosmetics range that I depotted, it is this Hello Kitty for Sephora range. I adored the shadings yet despised how enormous and burdensome the case was so I infrequently took it out to utilize it. Presently that I’ve depotted all the cosmetics, I have a great case to hold other stuff and am really utilizing the range now.