Eighties 80s style ( complete overview)

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An Overview

For most of the Eighties, style became all approximately excess. Designers went in one of a kind directions, a few drawing concepts from preceding traits and others leaving behind historic appearances altogether. You might imagine shoulder pads, huge hair, and neon are a traditional search for any Eighties scene, however now no longer all traits are universal. The early part of the last decade became nevertheless closely prompted with the aid of using late 1970s fashion and didn’t truly begin to evolve till the mid ’80s whilst postmodernism took hold of American culture. As pop stars like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna followed postmodern style, the traditional fashion we accompanied with the Eighties took hold.

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Early Eighties fashion basics

As style distanced itself from the brilliant disco shades of the 1970s, early ’80s garb tended to be extra minimalist, practical, and subdued. The colour palette becomes made of earth tones, with sun sunglasses of brown, tan, and orange.

Professional garb leaned towards unisex patterns providing huge straight-leg pants with blazers and free-becoming recreation coats. Women additionally wore knee duration skirts, complimentary blouses, and kitten heels as commercial enterprise attire.

If you’re placing collectively an informal search for girls, suppose high-waisted denims, turtlenecks, velvet blazers, and free attire with sneakers, thick heels, or round-toed boots. For men, early ’80s informal clothing appears protected rolled straight-legged denims with slouched socks, polo shirts, and polyester button ups.

Mid-Late Eighties style

By the mid-Eighties, style had taken a flip to declaration with shiny shades, huge shoulders, and ambitious jewelry. Common outfit necessities throughout this time protected cumbersome sweaters, shoulder pads, trench coats, nylon jackets, and Levi 501s.

Women’s expert patterns had been closely prompted with the aid of using male commercial enterprise. This fashion, referred to as electricity dressing, commenced withinside the overdue ’70s as a manner for girls to set up themselves in the historically male-ruled working force. These appears performed off the conventional commercial enterprise match, which protected jackets with wider shoulders, roll-neck sweaters, and knee duration skirts. Power dressing developed for the duration of the last decade and become prompted with the aid of using TV indicates like Dallas and Dynasty (each solid with the aid of using Central Casting). If you’re growing this appearance, you may draw concepts from Joan Collins’ Dynasty person Alexis Carrington.

In the mid-80s, men’s fits tended to have a looser match with pinstripes, huge lapels, and double-breasted jackets in military blues and charcoals. For reference on extra informal appearances, Don Johnson popularized the t-blouse and match jacket fashion on Miami Vice even as Tom Selleck’s Magnum, P.I. the person desired the Hawaiian blouse and recreation coat combo.

Specific 80s patterns

Messy Chic

Madonna became one of the most important influencers in ’80s style. From edgy pink carpet appears to colourful road clothing, she became the fashion icon girls desired to emulate. One of the maximum copies appears to come from her “Like A Virgin” messy elegant phase, which include layered jackets, tulle skirts, fingerless gloves, and bow headbands. Accessories had been a huge part of this appearance and regularly protected more than one necklaces and bracelets.


Jane Fonda and the recognition of aerobics caused the athletic put on fashion of the Eighties. For girls, this appearance concerned neon jumpsuits, leg warmers, elastic headbands, and sneakers. Men’s athletic appearances consisted of tracksuits, t-shirts, jerseys, and shorts.


Preppy appears to have been related to rich teens and had been stimulated with the aid of using traditional conservative patterns. These clothing protected button down shirts, polos, cuffed khakis, and argyle sweaters, with tasseled loafers, Keds, or boat footwear.


Punk style commenced withinside the ’70s as a rebuttal to the hippie motion and noticed a fashion resurgence withinside the Eighties prompted with the aid of using acts like Dead Kennedys and Joan Jett. An ’80s punk wore distressed denim, leather-based jackets, denim vests, band t-shirts, Doc Martens, fight boots, bandanas, and studded belts.


While athletic footwear were famous earlier than the Eighties, it become withinside the mid-80s after they have become a pricey style fashion. Converse and Adidas had been a success brands, and Nike added their first Air Jordans. Sneakers had been worn with each informal and upscale appearance.

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Creating your ’80s appearance

Remember, an outfit that works for a wrestling spectator in GLOW might not work for a residence birthday celebration on Black Monday. As with any task you book, pay near interest to the information given to you with the aid of using the Casting Director. Depending on the scene, you will be given a particular appearance to copy or you could have extra flexibility withinside the cloth cabinet you’re bringing to set.

If you discover yourself wanting to place an ’80s appearance collectively in your scene, don’t forget about the excellent useful resource you have: the venture itself. If you’re booked on a production that’s launched episodes, check the cloth cabinet used for the duration of the show, from each predominant and Background Actors. This will provide you with a concept of the colour palette and average fashion of the venture and assist supply concept in your very own clothing.