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If your eyes are red, dry, scratchy, or sore, they’re less likely to have natural sparkle. That’s why taking care of your eyes is essential if you want to keep them bright and healthy.

Not just your eyes are essential; the skin around your eyes is as necessary as your eyeball, eyelids are. If you have dark circles or swollen, swollen skin, your eyes will likely appear tired, smaller and less healthy. Brighten eyes are too crucial for your facial beauty and skin. Make your eyes brighter by following these steps.

how to make eyes brighter

1. Avoid Dry Air:

High altitudes of air in deserts and airplanes can be particularly dry and can affect your eyes. When a car heater is directly below your eyes, your eyes can be affected due to this situation. Moreover, dry weather can also affect your eyes as well. 

2. Put the Green Tea Bags on Your Eyelids:

A green tea bag can help you to reduce swelling or puffiness. During this situation of puffy eyes, you have to use green tea bags on your eyelids that can help you to improve your eye’s brightness.

3. Rise Your Consumption of Omega Fatty Acids:

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid supplements effectively treat dry eye syndrome and assist you in managing your eye issues due to dryness.

4. A Light Eyeliner on the Inside of the Eyelid:

Using a light eyeliner, you can open up the eye and make it appear more prominent with a creamy eyeliner along the waterline.

5. Lighten Up Dark Circles under the Eyes:

The light will be reflected in your eyes, and they will light up and look brighter and more prominent.

6. Bend Your Lashes:

Always bend the eyelashes so that they are as long as possible. A smart notch is to turn them several times in different places.

7. Contour Your Eyelids Larger:

Apply the shadow a little over the eyeball itself and lighten the lid itself. Then you emphasize your eyes and like you do with your cheekbones – and of course, we want to do it?!

Golden Tip:

Try to increase the intake of these fatty acids in your daily life and maintain your eye brightness. Good sources of omega fatty acids include:         

  • salmon
  • mackerel
  • sardines
  • flax seed
  • Chia seeds
  • Walnuts

Questions and Answers about Your Eyes and Your Vision!

1. When will the presbytery come?

The first signs may appear as early as the age of 40.

This is because the elasticity of the lens of the eye deteriorates. Often you may need to supplement with some type of strength up close, and today there are several alternatives to reading glasses. Your optician can help you find a good alternative, such as progressive lenses or progressive glasses.

2. Why is it so difficult to drive at night?

Now the autumn darkness is here, and surveys show that every third motorist over 40 looks blurred and has a poorer ability to react when it is dark. One problem may be, for example, shifting focus from the door mirror or traffic light and back to the road surface.

But there are so-called road glasses (car glasses). They can either have coloured glass which increases the contrast vision, or the glass’s strength is adjusted. Every supplier has its own solution, but with your KlarSynt optician, you can get help finding the right one.

3. How are my eyes affected by blue light?

Blue light radiation from light sources or screens can cause irritating and tired eyes. Some may even experience that blue light from, for example, telephones make them more restless in the evening. But there are products with a surface treatment that selectively filters the harmful blue light and lets other blue light, which regulates the sleep cycle and our mood, pass.

4. How do polarizing glasses work, and when should I use them?

Do you often stay on the lake? Or are you bothered by reflexes in the roadway when you drive a car? Then polarizing glass may be for you. The polarizing effect in the glass provides a more intense experience of contrasts and details. Your KlarSynt optician can help you find glasses with polarizing lenses.

5. How often should I go to the optician?

It is important to detect early deterioration of vision. If you go for regular eye examinations, your optician can see how your vision changes over time. At several of KlarSynt’s opticians, you can also measure eye pressure. A good recommendation is that children and young people should go to the optician every year. These instructions can brighten your eyes and make them glimmering and healthy.