How to Use Coconut Oil to Remove Stretch Marks?

How to Use Coconut Oil to Remove Stretch Marks?

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Applying coconut oil to your skin on a consistent basis can help reduce or eliminate stretch marks. In combination with other natural products and with circular massages, coconut oil can penetrate the skin to nourish, repair and soften it. Think about how to use coconut oil to remove stretch marks. 

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This is because this product has fatty acids and vitamins E and K that help protect the collagen and elastin of the skin, which is essential to prevent and eliminate purple, white and red stretch marks that tend to appear as a result of changes the body undergoes with sudden weight gain and loss. In this one article, we show you the best natural treatments so that you can once again show off your figure without complexes and show off radiant skin. Read on and discover how to use coconut oil to remove stretch marks quickly, as well as to prevent them.

Coconut oil benefits for stretch marks

Among the natural anti-stretch marks oils, coconut oil stands out as a very good alternative, which has many beneficial properties for the skin and to combat those unsightly white and red stretch marks that appear on our body when we lose or gain weight suddenly. If you’ve wondered what coconut oil is for and why it can help prevent stretch marks, here are the benefits of coconut oil for stretch marks:

It is a great natural moisturizer that acts very quickly repairing damaged tissues of the dermis, because unlike other creams or body lotions, coconut oil has the ability to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin and is absorbed into very few seconds.

It has high amounts of essential fatty acids, vitamins E and K, which are excellent nutrients to nourish the skin, repair it from the inside and provide it with greater flexibility and elasticity, thus achieving both preventing and eliminating stretch marks.

It is very rich in antioxidant components and, therefore, helps fight the aging of the cells that make up the skin, giving it a more youthful and beautiful appearance.

It helps preserve collagen and elastin in the skin, which is ideal to prevent the formation of new stretch marks, since these appear when the elastic fibers of the dermis break that is when stretch marks appear.

It gives the skin an extra softness and helps it look smooth and without imperfections.

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How to apply coconut oil for stretch marks?

But how to take advantage of all these properties and how to use coconut oil for stretch marks? The treatment is very simple and you can quickly take it home whenever you want, what we do recommend is that you buy a quality coconut oil, that is, make it organic. You can get it in health food stores, herbalists or perfumeries.

Once you have it, to remove stretch marks with coconut oil and regain the beauty of your skin, you just have to do the following:

In a bowl, place a few tablespoons of coconut oil. The amount will vary depending on the areas you want to treat, since you can use it both to eliminate stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks or arms.

If the oil is solid, put the container in the microwave for a few seconds to make it liquid and easier to apply. It is very important that when applying it to the skin, the oil is warm and not too hot. To be more effective, it is best to apply it just after showering, since this way the skin is completely clean and the product is absorbed much better, making more effect.

Apply the coconut oil on the areas with stretch marks that you want to treat and spread it well giving gentle circular massages until you see that it has completely penetrated the skin. Be consistent for faster results and use coconut oil for stretch marks every day.

Coconut oil and coffee for stretch marks

A very effective way to enhance the anti-stretch mark action of coconut oil is by combining it with other good products to eliminate these marks and thus prepare natural treatments such as homemade creams. One of the best combinations is that of coconut oil and coffee, since the latter is exfoliating, antioxidant, moisturizing and, thanks to caffeine, stimulates blood circulation and adds firmness and elasticity to the skin. To know how to use coconut oil for legs together with coffee, pay attention to the steps below.


2 tablespoons organic coconut oil

1/2 cup of ground coffee

1 tablespoon of aloe Vera gel

some lukewarm water

To do

  • Make a mixture with the coffee and the water in a container.
  • Add liquid coconut oil to the paste obtained. Heat it up a bit in the microwave if you bought the solid version.
  • Also add the aloe Vera and stir well.
  • Apply this homemade anti-stretch mark cream on clean skin doing circular massages. In addition, it will also help you eliminate cellulite in that area.
  • Wait for it to act for about 20 or 30 minutes and, finally, remove it with warm water.
  • It is advisable to repeat this treatment about 3 times a week.

People use Coconut oil to remove stretch marks. It is a natural moisturizer used to maintain skin.