Professional and Best Hair Bleaches for dark hairs:

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Hair colors have evolved in recent days, reaching very light and beautiful tones, such as lilac, gray or even the classic platinum blonde. Of course, in order to achieve these colors, we must first bleach our hair properly, which will require us to subject our hair to certain treatments, due to the powerful chemical that is applied in them. If you want to guarantee yourself a successful job, you must have a good bleach, so we bring you the best comparison of these products so that you can choose the best one according to your hair and your needs. We need professional and best hair bleaches for dark hairs is compulsory for our hair growth.

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  • Hair bleach damage the scalp of hair.
  • Hair bleach makes the hair tends to dry.
  • Hair bleach may get the hair discolored.
  • Hair bleach may weaken the hair and make it easy to damage, dull, and break.


Things require are as follows:

  • A plastic bowl.
  • Tinting brush.
  • Blonder powder hair bleach.
  • Crème developer of 20 or 30 volume.
  • Toner (optional).


Step 1:

Firstly, wear gloves, to prevent physical contact with the products.

Step 2:

Then section the hair.

Step 3:

 Then use the best quality Hair bleach and crème developer of 20 or 30 volume and mix it well (1:2 ratios is the best for Hair bleach powder to crème developer).

Step 4:

If you need to raise by 1 to 2 levels, then use a crème developer of 20 volumes for regrowth part.

Step 5:

If you need to lift by 3 levels or more, then use crème developer of 30 volume for lengths.

Step 6:

Next step is to paint the mixture with the help of a tinting brush and one section of hair painted at a time. While applying the mixture the hair shouldn’t be wet.

Step 7:

To apply the Hair bleach in hair, the darkest and deepest areas must be firstly treated, to get the even results, because these areas take more time to be bleached. It is better to start with the back of the head because there, the hair is the thickest. (After hair bleach, if there is orange in hair, then rinse and again do the hair bleach).

Step 8:

Next step is to let the Hair bleach remain in the hair and left it for 15 to 30 minutes for better results and cover the hair with plastic wrap.

Step 9:

Then wash the hair with cold water and let the hair dry.

Step 10

Then apply toner or color. It helps in re-pigment the hair, after hair bleach and remains it for 15 to 30 minutes. Wash it with cold water and let it dry.


  • After hair bleach, it is necessary to wash the hair with lukewarm or cold water.
  • For once a week, use protein mask treatment.
  • Try to be more careful and gentler with your hair, especially when it is wet.
  • In order to cut the damaged ends, get the regular trims.
  • Take hair supplements i.e., biotin, in order to promote the healthy growth of hair.


Here are 2 types of bleach that are normally known as professional and best hair bleach for dark hairs worldwide


“It is one of the best Hair bleaches available in the market. It has Aqua, stearyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and many activator ingredients like ammonium bicarbonate, silica, sodium bicarbonate, and corn starch. It is for only external use. It should not be applied after a hot bath immediately because it may cause sensitivity or irritation in case of open pores. Keep it away from vaginal areas and eyes. It also promotes the growth of hair and make them thicker and fresh too. It also helps to makes the hair silky and smooth. In order to bleach our hair, we can use it at home too.”


“It is also one of the professional and best hair bleaches available in the market. It is used to lighten the excess dark hairs. It has hydrogen peroxide, glyceryl stearate, propylene glycol, ammonium bicarbonate, and phosphoric acid. It is for external use only and shouldn’t be applied to areas where there are cuts. Avoid contact with sensitive parts of the body like the eyes and vaginal areas. It enables to protect it from fading and also prevent the hair from damage, it also helps to make hair straight and smooth. It helps to make our hair look stronger after beaching. We can easily use this product at homes and done Hair bleach. The above examples are professional and best hair bleaches for dark hairs.