What is the mini hand blender used for? Here are several all its main uses.

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Maybe you got one as a gift for Christmas, and have since guilty left it in its box, still packed. Or maybe you have realized that, among the many appliances you have in the kitchen that help you every day to prepare your delicious recipes, the mini hand blender is the one you use less frequently, so much so that it is still perfectly new, despite the years. Or again, maybe you are undecided about what to buy in our online store dedicated to kitchen accessories, and you don’t know whether to choose a professional hand blender or a counter model. Well, whatever your starting situation, with this post we want to give you a hand, and explain in no uncertain terms what the hand blender is for.

what is mini hand blender

what is mini hand blender

Hand blender, bamix, hand blender … some terminology

Before telling you in detail what the hand blender is for, we would like to clarify the many nicknames of this kitchen accessory. In fact, many prefer the term ‘hand blender’ to the name ‘hand blender’, thinking that this word comes straight from some English and German manufacturer.

What is the hand blender used for?

You can call it blender, bamix or minipimer, the concept does not change: all modern hand blenders were born to blend and to chop.  Thanks to the many and varied interchangeable accessories that compose them. In principle, however, we can say that all models are composed of whips, blades and chopper. Starting from these basic accessories it is possible to cook the most disparate foods.

Obviously, the first answer to the question ‘what is an immersion blender for?’ Can only be the most banal and obvious: fruit smoothies. And then the colorful smoothies, and the delicious milkshakes. Far from

being just a tool for making dream snacks, the blender is perfect for preparing vegetable soups and soups. In this case, however, you need to make sure you are dealing with a professional immersion blender, able to withstand high temperatures and not risk the engine overheating. With a blender it is then possible to prepare mayonnaise in a very short time, but also hummus, pesto (of any kind) and many, many other appetizing foods. Finally, those dealing with babies cannot forget that hand blenders are the ideal tools to prepare genuine and totally homemade baby food!

A good mini hand blender, or hand blender, can be used as a complement to a well-equipped kitchen. Offering an affordable alternative to a large mixer or food processor, which are often too much to whip up a little cream for a slice. of cake or to prepare a portion of mayonnaise. An immersion blender can replace expensive and bulky kitchen utensils, delivering similar performance at a lower expense. All manual mixers can perform the basic tasks of whipping, mixing and emulsifying quite well. Scroll through the proposed models to find out which one truly deserves the coveted place in your kitchen.

The advantages of the mini hand blender:

The hand blender works fast and cleans fast! Like a magic wand (even if a wand points downwards), it makes cooking preparations much more fun. With a mini blender you can finally shelve your giant mixer in the pantry, with all the hustle and bustle that entails.

Find the right model and, in the blink of an eye, you will transform roasted vegetables into delicious soups (and therefore you will eat more vegetables); you can replace salad dressings containing preservatives with tastier homemade varieties (and therefore eat healthier); and mix green leafy vegetables with fruit and yogurt in refreshing smoothies (and, therefore, you guessed it, eat more vegetables). Here’s what we recommend.

The most common uses

Mix the soups

One of the more practical uses of a hand blender is to blend soups until they are silky smooth, right in the pot. It allows you to avoid the hustle and bustle of transferring a boiling liquid into a standing blender and minimizes the chance of ending up with soup on the ceiling (the steam generated by the whirl of a blender with a lid can be very, very powerful).

Make purees and emulsify the mayonnaise

It only takes a few seconds to create vegetable and legume purees by adding a third of water to the bowl together with the ingredients. Making mayonnaise is a very fast operation with a hand blender, in just one minute you can obtain a sauce of the desired consistency.

Crush the ice

It is an important function for those who want to make drinks, slushes and smoothies. Of course, the ease of crushing depends on the wattage of the motor: some models may struggle more than others, take longer and leave out larger ice cubes.

What to look for in a mini hand blender?

The most important quality of an immersion blender is its ability to blend things. In a perfect world, the ideal hand blender should be able to perform the same tasks as a full-size blender, from silky cauliflower puree to smooth nut butters.

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Unfortunately, there are inherent limits to what a mini hand blender can do. Manufacturers of all models warn that the units should only be in continuous use for one minute at a time, to prevent the motor from overheating. This automatically excludes some of the tasks of full-size blenders, such as cooking soups in a blender from start to finish. But for any short-term task, a hand blender will do just fine.
Mini blenders also need to be comfortable to hold and easy to use. Since an immersion blender is not stabilized, unlike other similar blending and puree tools, it must be easy to grasp and use with one hand. Models with a conical handle are easier to grip for any hand, unlike those with wider shafts.

Since this is an appliance that you will use often, an immersion blender should be easy to clean. Check that the model you have chosen has a detachable mixer shaft, which makes it easy to wash without the fear of having water in the motor housing; many of the mixing rods can also be dishwasher safe. Variations in blade design have made some models easier to clean than others. At best, a quick rinse is enough to remove the purees from the underside of the blade. Mini hand blender is crucial as a kitchen appliance.

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